Dividend Policy and Payment

Dividend payment policy for Leo Global Logistics and its subsidiary companies :

Leo Global Logistics and its subsidiary companies shall pay the dividend under the rate of no less than 40 percent of the net profit from the separate financial statements after the deduction of corporate income tax and all reserve funds as stated in the rules and regulations of Leo Global Logistics and its subsidiary companies.

However, the Dividend Payment policy could be changed, depending on the necessity and the discretion of the Company’s board. The annual Dividend Payment must be approved by the shareholders, except for the Interim Dividend which the Company’s board may approve occasionally, should the board agree that the Company and its subsidiaries have enough profit for the payment and report such Interim Dividend to the shareholders in the next meeting.

X-Date Record Date Payment Date Dividend Type Dividend (per Share) Unit Operation Period
26/08/22 29/08/22 09/09/22 Cash Dividend 0.20 Baht 01/01/22-30/06/22
09/05/22 10/05/22 26/05/22 Cash Dividend 0.18 Baht 01/07/21-31/12/21
25/08/21 26/08/21 09/09/21 Cash Dividend 0.07 Baht 01/01/21-30/06/21
10/05/21 11/05/21 27/05/21 Cash Dividend 0.07 Baht 01/01/20-31/12/20